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25/Agustus/2015 ** NAB Emco Mantap : 5.090,63 ** NAB Emco Growth Fund : 924,00 ** IHSG : 4.228,50
Emco Mantap

Emco Mantap Mutual Fund

Is a Mutual Fund which is a collective investment contract (KIK) that is open for the investor to do investment, either buying or selling  back their share units anytime they want on any trading days to the investment manager.


Investment Performance 2011


Investment Performance Tables

*) 31 March 2012


Emco Mantap Investment Policies:

•    Minimum 80% - 100% on the equity securities.
•    Minimum 0% - 20% on the less than one year money market instruments.


The advantages of Emco Mantap Mutual Fund:

•    Comfort investment, where portofolio are being managed professionally.
•    Transparent information, all the transaction’s records are kept by the custodian bank, and Net Asset Value will be informed on the national newspaper daily every day.
•    Diversification investment, makes the risk of investment become lesser.
•    Free from doing investments analize and administration. We will take care of your investment.
•    Light fee gives high potential in return. Opening account (Subscription) Rp. 5.000.000, and minimum Top-Up Rp. 1.000.000.


Investment Risk:

•    The changes in economic and political either inside or outside the country.
•    The risk of Net Asset Value becomes lesser.
•    The risk of liquidity.
•    The risk of default.






Steps to invest in Emco Mantap Mutual Fund

1.    Read and understand the intent of the prospectus of Emco Mutual Fund.
2.    Fill-in the opening account form, investor’s profile form, and transaction form and hand it to the investment managers or selling agents acquired by Bapepam and financial institution and being told by investment managers. Please attached the copy of your ID and NPWP.
3.    Do the transfer to buy the unit to:

4.    Application will be processed after the investor’s form and the money are received by the investment managers (in good application and in good funds).
5.    The transaction’s confirmation will be received by the investor in maximum 7 trading days.


Link Download Formulir

Click here to download formulir.



Daily News

Nilai Aktiva Bersih (NAB) per tanggal 25 Agustus 2015 : Reksa Dana Emco Mantap: 5,091.37, Emco Growth Fund: 924.00, Emco Terproteksi Syariah: 1,006.15, Emco Terproteksi: 1,025.66, Emco Terproteksi II: 1,047.33, Emco Terproteksi III DE: 1,005.68, Emco Terproteksi V: 1,011.47, Emco Terproteksi VI: 1,012.46, Emco Terproteksi VII: 1,000.34, Emco Terproteksi VIII: 1,000.65, dan Emco Barokah Syariah : 1,019.42.

Penutupan IHSG tanggal  25 Agustus 2015 diharga 4.228,50.

Fund Fact Sheet

Kinerja Reksa Dana Emco Mantap secara YTD 31 Maret 2015 sebesar -1.45% dan Emco Growth Fund sebesar +0.66%.

Badan Pusat Statistik mengatakan pada Maret 2015 tercatat inflasi yaitu sebesar 0,17%, setelah sebelumnya pada Januari dan Februari mengalami deflasi. Secara keseluruhan tahun kalender 2015, meskipun Maret terjadi inflasi, masih tercatat deflasi 0,44%. Karena Januari tercatat deflasi 0,24% dan Februari deflasi 0,36%...



Kontan Edisi Khusus - "Memilih Reksadana Jawara", April 2012.

"Low Risk High Return, Fact or Fiction?", Halaman khusus bahasan tentang Emco Asset Management.

10 Reksadana dengan Return Tertinggi Year to Date (30 Maret 2012) & 10 besar Reksadana terbaik untuk periode 1 Tahun.

Para Jawara Optimis Tahun Ini Bisa Naik 20%, liputan tentang Emco Mantap.